The Loveworld Ladies Network is a strategic vehicle of the Loveworld Nation aimed at building and raising ladies in ministry for kingdom leadership. It is a unique and endowed ministry commissioned to play a vital role in the end time move of the Holy Spirit as it focuses on married women and single adult ladies in the Church Ministry of Loveworld Inc.

Our Operations

The operations of the LLN will be based on our ministry strategy of Win, Build and Send. Thus, the network will reach out to women in all spheres of life and win them for the Lord; build them spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, professionally and imbibe in them the driving forces of Loveworld Exceptionalism, Expansionism and Perfectionism; and then send them out as agents of change into their worlds.

Our Vision

Our vision is to take God’s divine Presence to all nations and peoples of the world as we demonstrate the character of the Spirit

Our Membership

The Loveworld Ladies Network comprises of adult women both married and single within the churches and chapters of the LoveWorld Nation. Thus, chapters must follow and strengthen the ministry structures to accommodate this.
Members of the networks can and should reach out to other women and single adult but only members of the ministry can be members of the network.