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  1. Nomlindelo Madlala
    Nomlindelo Madlala says:

    I am working in a school, last year I gave my class teevo, it was grade 11, one learner among them became sick, she told others that everytime sickness start at her home she sees me. They concluded that I’m a Satanist, they asked me to stop teaching them to support the sick learner. Principal agrees with them but he said he is protecting me. It’s very hard to evangelism in this school and I found there is a teacher behind. Advise me what must I do.

    Thank you

  2. Victoria fubara
    Victoria fubara says:

    Wow!! Awesome!
    I’m ready to receive every word!! To move to the next level in my work with God.
    Port Harcourt zone 3
    Luxuriant Group
    Trans Amadi
    Grace cell

  3. Cleopatra Sillah
    Cleopatra Sillah says:

    How do I balance my finances in terms of my financial responsibilities, such as supporting my family and contributing towards the tithes?

  4. Ludo Dick
    Ludo Dick says:

    Thank you our highly esteemed pastors for the impartation with the word, great and mighty things shall we do for the kingdom.


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